Maine, Day 3

I'm not doing much better on the getting up at a so-called reasonable hour, even setting my alarm. I would try to use the excitement of Christmas morning to get me up early tomorrow, but it doesn't feel very Holiday around here. No tree. No visible wrapping paper. Besides, I already have a pretty good idea of what "toys" I'm getting.

"Don't go buying a digital camera, if you catch my drift."  - Now isn't that a subtle hint?

I spent a big portion of the day going through stuff - computer stuff, picking out what to bring back. I had traded my old computer, (L.E.S.) for the Amiga 2000 (which will be named Hal 2000 after the Hal 9000 from 2001.) Today I convinced my dad to let me have my old Commodore 64 as well (which will be named Chuck, after Chuck the Plant from Maniac Mansion.)

I noticed a strange coincidence in those names later...



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