Maine, Day 2

My dad was getting onto me for sleeping in so late (1 or 2pm), asked me what time I went to bed (6:30am.) "6:30! No wonder you sleep in so late!" I remain unapologetic. I know that I am a night person and that most of the world doesn't know how to accept alternative schedules. (The rest are like me... or worse.) Besides, I'm not bothering to convert to Eastern time.

We played a little driveway basketball, me in my Eddie Bauer t-shirt, E.B. jacket and heavy coat. Sometimes I think I couldn't get any more Eddie Bauer. Eddie Bauer jeans, back pack, umbrella... Eddie Bauer Christmas present bought with my Eddie Bauer discount card from my Eddie Bauer job.

When he said something about how cold it was, I suggested we go to Barns & Noble for coffee. I expected a comment on how horrible coffee is but he just asked, "when?" Yay, I finally got that scone I'd been craving for so long. Not the best scone, or the best latte, but they'll get me through until I'm back in Seattle. He did accuse Seattle people of being arrogant yuppies and me of drinking a yuppie drink. I don't know how to argue his logic when he truly believes himself.

No sales tax in New Hampshire though! That decided it - I'm definitely getting that CD burner while I'm here. I bought a book and it was exactly $12... weird. Also got myself a couple computer books I'd wanted with his teacher discount.

We went to dinner at a place which if I lived here, I'd make sure not to go back. There was so much butter, which melted around the hot food, so that I started to feel like I was pouring liquid fat onto my baked potato. I had salmon which tasted off (salmon is supposed to taste good, this didn't.) I kept thinking of one of those news shows I'd seen long long ago. A redramatization of a couple at dinner. The nam says his chicken tastes funny. The wife says it's marinated. Announcer says the marinade was covering the taste of salmonella and the guy ends up in the hospital. My fish ended up being taken off the bill, which was embarrassing, but at least I'm not sick.



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