Maine, Day 4

We almost had Christmas in front of the computer. My dad walks in with presents while I'm checking my email. I hand him his, which he starts to open right there so I suggested that we go downstairs - thought we should at least try to fake some tradition.

He sounded a little too close to the 'trying to sound appreciative' voice you give the kids after they give you your Father's Day tie, but I think he did still like the (Eddie Bauer) laptop case I gave him. He's probably just not used to his daughter being able to buy actual gifts.

I played with my digital camera, took pictures of my baby-cat and the lighthouse while dinner cooked. Christmas dinner in front of the TV. Could be worse..

We went to L.L. Bean, which my dad calls "the Eddie Bauer of the East"... or maybe he calls EB "the L.L. Bean of the West." They have a doors-always-open policy which is... well, interesting, but I feel sorry for the people who have to work retail on Christmas. Nice clothes though... bad place for me... mmm.. soft things... black velvet pants... (blackvelvetpantsblackvelvetpantsohsomedayiwillownblackvelvetpants)

Today I took a box up into the attic (along with a coat and gloves) and filled it with baby clothes for my mom. She plans to make me a quilt out of them which is a much better use for them than sitting in boxes upstairs. I'm even sneaking out a baby blanket or two for her.



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