Maine, Day 1

One summer at my grandma's house, I had a calendar of something to do each day. One was to write yourself a letter of who you are and what you think you will be doing in ten years. I found it in its spot, cheated and opened it six months early since I had already expected to be past the date. It's embarrassing, but I'll forgive myself for being young:

In ten years, I'll be 22. I think I'll have a job teaching advanced math and science in a middle school, somewhere where it snows in the winter and is hot in the summer. Me and Amanda Sackett will still be in touch, and I will have a nice husband.
Another thing is that I'll have lots of cats. April will still be with me, and won't mind more cats.

I underestimated time a little didn't I? If I had done the traditional 4-year school thing, I wouldn't even be quite out of college yet. I lost April just a few weeks ago so maybe that wasn't so unrealistic... She was supposed to live forever. Husband though? Well that's the part I have to forgive myself for being young.

As for being in touch with Amanda, that as certainly a guilt-trip to myself. I asked my dad if he still talks to her mom. He called and I talked to Amanda. She's going to send e a birth announcement - crazy isn't it?

I had a couple of goals when I came out here, to make it worthwhile. One was to take advantage of having a bathtub. Another was to find things like that.

I ventured into the cold cold attic. My mom wants my old baby clothes to make me a quilt. I want some old nostalgic toys, especially My Little Ponys. So far I've found two - one tailless, and the Lego Logo disk that my 6/7th grade Advanced Math teacher gave me before I moved from California.



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