I want to finish the tribute I started for April when she first got sick a few years ago, but I don't know how anymore not to come off sounding like a little kid's web page, "This is my cat. She's pretty and fluffy." It's kinda like having kids I guess, where you think everything they do is the most important thing in the world when no one else cares. I'd want to say things like, "How could you even think your cat is more special than mine?? April has an ink-smudged nose!" like having an ink-smudged nose makes you the most superior being. "April was called "pretty-girl" by my grandma who fed her tender vittles in a special dish," like she was the chosen cat of royalty. "April flew cross country twice, and hid underneath a candy machine - beat that!" I want to say... "April liked to lay on a towel at the end of my dad's bed, and if there was something on the towel, she'd lay on that - beat that!" I want to say... April made my dad love her, beat that...



Have you ever had a day where you feel like gravity is set out to work against you? I spent the entire day in tights that absolutely would not stay up... Half a block, they're at my knees. It's what I get for trying something new.. I was trying out "thigh-highs". I could blame it on WTO stuff, since I couldn't get downtown to the sock store to get good tights -

But i've been purposely avoiding that topic. I've heard or read words like "teargas" way way way way way way way way too many times lately.

I finally came up with an ingenious way to keep them up at work though, not telling much more than that..Ok, it involved mini binder clips - wierd, yes, but it got me through the day!